Walkabout Emu Oil Capsules

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Walkabout 100% Australian Emu Oil Capsules

100 Gel Capsules ~ Serving Size: 2 Capsules ~ Servings per Container: 50

What is Emu Oil?

Emus are large, flightless birds native to Australia. As part of their normal life cycle, Emu can go into a torpor, which is similar to hibernation. They have the ability to go months without eating because their bodies store nutrient-dense fat in a special pocket on their backs. This life-sustaining fat becomes antioxidant-rich emu oil and has a long list of health benefits.

Emu oil has been used for thousands of years. It was first cultivated and used by Aboriginal Australians because of its many uses and benefits.

Health Benefits of Emu Oil

The following list shows only a handful of the potential health benefits of emu oil, but there are many more*!

  • Can reduce inflammation, pain and stress*
  • May help strengthen immune system*
  • Aids in weight loss*
  • Helps lower blood pressure*
  • Can help with relieveing sore joints and muscles*
  • Can help with lung function*
  • And much more!

Why Walkabout Australian Emu Oil?

Walkabout is proud to assure you that nothing is added to their oils and nothing is taken out; the emu oil is accumulated and balanced by nature. So it’s no surprise that Walkabout Australian Emu Oil is unpasteurized, untreated and minimally processed.

Walkabout Emu Oil comes from Australian species of emus that are bred to be especially high in Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 was originally known as “Activator X” by Dr. Weston A. Price and is vital to the absorption of other nutrients, particularly vitamins A and D.

Walkabout Emu Oil was found to be the best source of Vitamin K2 in a study initiated by Sally Fallon of the Westin A. Price Foundation in November 2015.

And now, Walkabout tests for Vitamin K2 and some other nutrients – check out the label above in the pictures!

Super-nutritious Walkabout Emu Oil contains:

  • Omega-3
  • Omega-6
  • Omega-9
  • Vitamin K2 MK-4 (Dr. Weston A. Price’s “Activator X”)
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E
  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)


100% high-quality, pure emu oil. Capsules are made of gelatin and glycerol.