9/22 10 Amazing Benefits of HIIT Workouts


I have a confession: 

I hate the treadmill. It's almost as interesting as watching grass grow.

It’s boring and you get a ho-hum “return on effort.” At least walking outside we get fresh air and sunshine instead of artificial light indoors. 

(And did I mention it’s boring?!) 

I gave up my treadmill over a year ago — and I've had noticeable, fantastic results! 

Now, I still exercise multiple times per week. But no more tedious, dreadfully long boring walks on the treadmill. 

Instead, here’s what I do: 

Twice a week I work out with weights for 1 ½ – 2 hrs. Then two other days I do a quick HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout. 

I start with 10 minutes of stretching to warm up, followed by three sets of three exercises – 45 seconds working with 30 seconds of break time in-between. I do this straight through. My total time spent with warmup and stretching is under 30 minutes!

This morning I did squat jumps, skater, and plank with a tap out.

Now, I’m far from perfect, but I achieve my goal of exercising 4x per week – most weeks. And, most importantly, I’m more consistent than when my treadmill was a part of my plan. It helps that I meet my sister on zoom for these HIIT workouts – she lives in another state.

Why are HIIT Workouts better than a treadmill?

Compared to the treadmill, HIIT workouts are… 

More fun 

More challenging 

More rewarding 

And have created considerably more noticeable results than the treadmill ever did!

Today, I want to dole out the top 10 benefits of HIIT workouts. I hope this encourages you to replace your treadmill with HIIT workouts, too. 


Let’s dive in… 

1. Burns mega calories in under 1/2 an hour 

2. Keeps our metabolic rate high – even hours after your working out is done

3. Helps you build muscle, which burns more fat

4. Improves your oxygen consumption 

5. May reduce your exercising heart rate, which can help with blood pressure

6. Can help lower blood sugar 

7. Improves your sleep quality

8. May help improve your mental health

9. Could boost your memory 

And my favorite .  .  .

10. HIIT workouts are way more fun and less time-consuming!

Remember how I said the treadmill is almost as fun as watching grass grow? 

Well, HIIT workouts are the exact opposite. 

They’re more difficult, and, they make you sweat more. But you can do one in as little as 10 minutes. Bonus: HIIT workouts give a rush of feel good endorphins that is unmatched!

Plus, HIIT workouts are way better than a treadmill for the 9 other reasons I mentioned. 

So why is this my personal favorite reason? 

Consistency is the most important factor for any workout program. And, since HIIT workouts are fun and short, it’s wicked easy to be consistent. 

Which supplements aid with your new HIIT program? 

Check out the following supplements to help you get the most out of your new HIIT workout program: 

1. Magnesium 

Magnesium is potentially the most important mineral in our body. It’s used in hundreds (some say thousands) of chemical reactions throughout our bodies which keep us in tip-top health. It helps our muscles relax after a challenging HIIT workout. And it helps us manage our glucose levels,  aids bone strength, and regulates nervous system function. 

Plus, HIIT workouts burn through a enormous amount of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate). ATP is a molecule that carries energy within our cells and  helps prevent muscle soreness and fatigued. Magnesium supports ATP production in our bodies. 

And Perfect Supplements supplies us with one of the most bioavailable naturally sourced magnesium supplements around.

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Another favorite non-synthetic magnesium we sell is from Smidge.

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2. Protein Supplements

Protein stimulates muscle growth, which, as stated above, helps us burn more fat automatically. And, it is the only macronutrient we cannot live without.

My hands-down, absolute, all time favorite protein powder is Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen. Perfect Supplements sources their collagen from 100% pasture raised, 100% grass-fed cows. And I love that it isn't as filling as so many other protein powders. It gives you 10 grams of super clean protein in a small 11 gm scoop! I take 3 scoops daily!

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3. Perfect Aquatic Greens

Everybody knows eating green leafy veggies is important, but, especially if you're doing HIIT.

They alkalizing your body which neutralizes acidity during exercise and helps prevent muscle fatigue.

But, often, eating more green, leafy veggies is easier said than done. We need a TON of greens to meet our body's needs.

That's where a quality greens supplement like Aquatic Greens comes in:

Every smoothie unleashes 1,500 mg of spiraling and chlorella into your body, which helps you meet your veggie needs faster and easier.

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I hope you enjoy these fun, quick, mega-beneficial workouts as much as I do!