4/22 New Grass-Fed Supplements and a Refresher About Why They're Superior

New Grass-Fed Supplements and a Refresher About Why They're Superior


Back in October of last year we sent a newsletter highlighting all the reasons why grass-fed meat and supplements are better and more nutritious than feed lot raised products. Let's recap just a little before we get into the wonderful new products.

Not only are grass-fed products healthier for you, but they’re better for the animals too. Turns out, animals are happier and healthier when they’re raised in their natural habitat instead of a wicked factory.

Here are the 4 biggest reasons we think it’s totally worth the extra money for grass- fed, pasture raised beef. 

1. Grass-fed animals aren’t pumped with hormones, antibiotics, and other drugs. 

Check out the documentary Food, Inc. available to rent on Amazon. It's one of the most eye-opening examples of just how badly animals are treated when they’re raised in factories instead of farms. It does a good job of showing how often and why antibiotics, hormones and other drugs are used in the industry.

Grass-fed animals, on the other hand, don’t live in sinister conditions. And they’re not pumped with additives or antibiotics that erode many of the nutritional benefits. Which leads me into my next reason…

2. Grass-fed products are more nutritious. 

  • Grass-fed beef has two times the amount of lutein and beta-carotene compared to factory-raised beef. 

  • Grass-fed meat can contain up to 6x the amount of healthy omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed meat.

  • It has nearly double the amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than grain-fed meat.

  • Grass-fed beef has less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories than grain-fed animals. 

  • Contains healthy carotenoids – also make it taste better!

3. Grass-fed meat contains less bacteria. 

Due to the disgusting conditions of factory farming, grain-fed meat contains more bacteria than grass-fed meat. And since this bacteria becomes more resistant to the antibiotics farmers give factory-raised animals, it’s more likely to end up in your food or supplements.

Researchers even discovered that roughly double the amount of grain-fed meat contains “superbugs” — which is a bacteria that’s resistant to 3 or more types of antibiotics. 

4. Grass-fed meat tastes better. 

If your health wasn’t enough to convince you to shell out a few more bucks for grass-fed products, maybe your taste buds can help convince you ;) 

Grass-fed meat tastes better because the animals live a better, healthier, happier, and more natural life. Grass-fed animals get to roam around pastures and live as naturally as possible. 

And grass-fed meat also has a higher flavor complexity. Meaning, grass-fed animals raised in one part of the world will taste slightly different than grass-fed animals raised in another part of the world. 

So that was just a quick reminder about why grass-fed meat and supplements are better. Now on to our new grass-fed products!

Perfect Supplements New Collagen Products!

Perfect Supplements is one of my all time favorite supplement companies. We can always rely on them to bring us super clean, conscientiously sourced and wicked nutritious supplements. I've been taking their unflavored hydrolyzed collagen for years – two scoops a day pretty religiously. I love these flavored collagens! One scoop of either in my afternoon coffee makes it taste amazing and adds 10 g of protein! If you're a smoothie person, try a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie! 

For best results, add ingredients in order listed.
1 cup ice
1/2 banana ( or 1/2 apple for lower carb)
1/4 cup peanut butter or nut butter of your choice
2 scoops Perfect Chocolate Hydrolyzed Collagen
1 cup whole pastured milk or milk substitute of your choice

Blend until smooth. Yum! Enjoy!

The other new supplement from them I want to mention is Perfect Type II Collagen. Type II collagen is specifically from cartilage and is the best type to take if you have cartilage issues. Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen is a combination of Types I and III collagen, which are from skin, hair, nails, hooves, and anything else that's collagen and not cartilage. We need much less type II collagen than types I and III, so this 3200 mg serving is huge!

New NXGEN Wholefoods Grass-Fed Beef Organs
We've been slowly adding to our selection of grass-fed organs from NXGEN Wholefoods. Our three newest are Grass-fed Beef Intestines (with tripe), Thyroid, and Collagen. We really like that the NXGEN Collagen contains all three types of collagen!

Some people might wonder why we push organ meat so much. Well, research shows that eating organ meat has like for like benefits. This is because each type of organ contains organ-specific nutrients corresponding to that organ in our body. Our body recognizes these organ-specific nutrients in organ meat and transports them to the same organ in us! I find this fascinating. I needed to test the theory on myself. 

First let me start by saying that I've been taking Perfect Desiccated Liver as well as the NXGEN Liver for years. I try to get the equivalent of 7oz a week, the amount recommended by the Westin A Price Foundation. I know I need four of the Perfect Desiccated Liver or six of the NXGEN Liver Caps daily to reach this goal. 

I've had a bladder issue for over 20 years. I decided to try the Beef Kidney a couple months ago since that will have more benefits for the urinary system. In less than three weeks I did see some improvement. I admit it was not completely gone, but it was definitely noticeably better. Then, last month, I had to stop taking it for three weeks. My problem was noticeably worse again by the end of the second week. I'm convinced. By the way, I take four kidney caps, because that is the serving size, and two of the liver caps so I still get to my goal of one oz daily.

I know there are many people suffering with thyroid and digestive issues. Give Grass-fed beef thyroid or intestines with stomach a try – you may be pleasantly surprised, too!

If you’d like to harness the nutritional benefits from grass-fed supplements, you can browse our selection from these two great manufacturers. Just click the brand below!

Hope everyone has a great Spring!