8/22 Best Immune Boosting Supplements for Back to School

Keep them healthy all year long!

Get the Best Immune Boosting and Brain Boosting Supplements for Your Kids!

Can you believe school's starting back up again soon — I can never believe how summer flys by so fast! 

And with school starting back up again, it's important to prepare for all the colds, flus and viruses that can spread quickly in schools. My daughter is a high school senior this year and can't afford to miss school for sickness. So we're going to discuss the best back to school immune boosters for kids and we'll throw in some brain boosting supplements, too – it's so important for their developing brains. Bonus, our first one ticks both boxes – it's both a good immune booster and loaded with brain boosting omegas.

So let's dive right in to our favorite immune boosting & brain boosting supplements for kids and back to school!

1. Cod Liver Oil

Good cod liver oil is loaded with naturally occurring antioxidants that support the healthy function of the immune system, making the body more resistant to viral and bacterial infections.Vitamins A and D top this list of antioxidants.

Aside from supplying great antioxidants, minimally processed cod liver oil is loaded with naturally occurring EPA, DHA – Omega 3 Fatty Acids. It's these Omega 3's that help with brain building in all children.

Our brains are constantly developing when we’re young. For many kids, feeding their brains helps them behave better, feel happier, pay better attention, and perform better in school. and out of school.

best-cod-liver-oils.jpgChildren need supplements loaded with healthy omega fatty acids. In fact, studies show they can even prevent certain mental health disorders (such as ADHD). 

We think children, adults and elderly should all take cod liver oil for its many benefits every day. And, as grandma recommends, two or three times on days of high stress or if you're sick.

For its amazing combination of immune boosting and brain building Cod Liver Oil got the number 1 spot, but the others are great, too, so read on.

Rosita is the first option and comes in caps or liquid. You can order Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil here: Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil

The second option is Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil available in capsules or liquid. Again, just pick whichever one is easiest for your kids to consume. You can order Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil here: Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil






2. Non-Synthetic Real Food Vitamin C

Real whole food vitamin C comes from real food and is not created in a lab, like synthetic vitamin C, commonly known as ascorbic acid. It contains all the cofactors necessary for our bodies to properly absorb it.

The best part is you need far less because it is highly bioavailable. In fact, taking super high doses of ascorbic acid daily can cause health issues. A friend of mine was taking some mega-dose vitamin C product every day for a couple weeks when trying to prevent the cold her four kids had. She developed kidney stones!

What she didn’t realize is ascorbic acid needs the high doses because, without the cofactors, not much actually gets absorbed. And where do you think all this goes? That’s right, in the toilet, but via our kidneys first. The high amounts of ascorbic acid flushing through her kidneys caused her kidney stones – she’d have been better off with the cold!

How Much do you like oranges?My Healthy Supplement’s has a few really good options for Real food vitamin C supplements.

Perfect Supplements Acerola Cherry Powder is the first one and a supplement I put in my smoothie every day. This is 100% pure organic acerola powder and loaded with naturally occurring vitamin ca and many other wonderful nutrients that are great for us. And, we love that it is ethically and sustainably grown in Brazil.

Buy Perfect Acerola Powder here: Perfect Acerola

Catie’s Vitamin C Plus is the second option we recommend. this has many organic ingredients and is packed with nutrients. We've been selling this fantastic supplement since we opened our doors! ;)

Buy Catie's Whole Plant Food Vitamin C Plus here: Catie’s Vitamin C Plus








3. Vitamin D

There’s a good amount of evidence that vitamin D helps prevent SARS virus infections and prevents the worst symptoms from developing.


For starters, people with lower vitamin D levels in their body are more susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections — like any SARS virus. A meta-analysis study published back in 2012 found that people who supplemented with vitamin D were less likely to develop acute respiratory tract infections. Especially if those supplementing with vitamin D already had low levels. 


Vitamin D is a powerful antioxidant that boosts your immune system — specifically your natural defenses against bacteria and viruses. And it can also reduce the severity of your symptoms because it has many anti-inflammatory effects. 


Every immune cell in your body has vitamin D receptors. These receptors main functions are to suppress inflammation, promote immune-balance, and support the proper function of your immune cells. 

perfect-vitamin-d3-drops.jpgOur all time favorite non-synthetic Vitamin D supplement for kids and adults of all ages is Perfect D3 Drops. We love that each drop has 1000 IU of naturally occurring Vitamin D3. The serving size is 5 drops, but I don't feel I need that much every day. I take cod liver oil daily, which is naturally high in Vitamin D3, but I never know if it has enough, so I like to supplement with the Perfect D3 Drops. I take a couple extra drops on days of higher stress or if I'm feeling a bit off.

Buy Perfect Supplements Vitamin D3 Drops here: Perfect D3 Drops











4. Zinc from Nature, Not a Lab

Zinc is a crucial trace mineral and our bodies cannot produce it – we have to get it from our food. It is necessary for the synthesis of proteins and helps regulate cell production. Over 300 enzymes require zinc to function correctly — which are vital for life! If you aren’t getting enough zinc through your diet you need to supplement it.

So, how does zinc help the immune system?

Our bodies needs zinc to activate your T cells, according to the European Journal of Immunology. Our bodies use T cells to control and regulate immune responses.

And this is still very important as COVID-19 is still circulating through the country. James A. Robb, an MD, a pathologist, and molecular virologist at the University of Colorado School of Medicine wrote the following in an email to his colleagues:

“In my experience as a virologist and pathologist, zinc will inhibit the replication of many viruses, including coronaviruses.” 

Whether you want to prevent coronaviruses or other col.ds and flus, Zinc is one of the best minerals for improving your overall immune system.

Nature's Zinc Supplement – and so much more!My favorite zinc supplement is another whole food supplement high in naturally occurring zinc – minimally processed oyster powder. Our favorite is Oyster Power from traditional Foods Market.

We love that low heat, minimally processed oyster powder is nutrient – it contains a whopping 59 trace minerals! It also naturally has 12 different vitamins, 19 amino acids, and some of those coveted Omega 3's in the form of both EPA and DHA.

Buy wild caught Oyster Power from oysters caught in the clean waters off Ireland here: Oyster Power







5. Good Probiotics – Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Probiotics are the "good bacteria" that are the hallmark of a healthy gut.

Probiotics is a Greek word meaning "for life," and we believe that supplying the body with probiotics is indeed necessary for a healthy life. These living microflora are responsible for a long list of health maintenance roles, most notably digestive regulation and immune support.

It is believed that a healthy balance of good to bad gut bacteria is 85% to 15%. Many chronic health conditions, stress, poor diet, and repeated, long-term exposure to particular medications, antibiotics in particular, can throw off this balance. 

It's a little-known fact that more than 80% of the human immune system is tucked neatly into the intestine. With the discovery of this information, medical science has really begun to grasp the importance of maintaining optimal intestinal function. 

Doctors often recommend supplementing with probiotics in order to maintain good balance of probiotics for gut health, prevent the growth of yeast, and support a healthy immune system.

Fermented foods are good for you – these are very good for you!My Healthy Supplement's favorite probiotic & prebiotic formulas are Prescript-Assist and Thrive. Both of these are shelf stable and have no added fillers, flow agents or any junk of any kind. 

I have been taking Prescript Assist for over 10 years and I believe it helped me with years of chronic constipation. Now I have tried every probiotic we sell and dozens more over the years. None helps me as much as this one does.

Buy Prescript Assist Prebiotic and Probiotic blend here: Prescript Assist

Now the funny thing about guts is that everyone's is different – literally. At the risk of being gross, people could be identified by the bacteria in their poop, like fingerprinting.

Why do I mention this? because it is the main reason why what works best for me will not be the best for everyone.

For instance, my mother prefers the Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant. She feels better when she takes this high quality probiotic supplement.

Buy Just Thrive Probiotic and Antioxidant here: Thrive

So that's the list! 
Hope you have a blast the rest of the summer and a happy, healthy start to the school year!