Perfect Liver Detox Support

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Perfect Liver Detox Support

120 Capsules; Serving Size: 2 Capsules 

A naturopathic physician, Dr. Erica Lepore, formulated Perfect Supplements Liver Detox to assist her clients in overcoming their chronic and acute health problems. She combined scientifically studied herbs and healing organic vegetables. It's a unique combination of whole food detoxifiers that unclog the liver and restore it’s structure and function. The liver filters blood from the digestive track, pulling out pollutants from the air, water, food, and even mercury amalgam fillings. These toxins can put extra stress on the liver and slow down it’s functioning. Perfect Liver Detox Support maximizes the liver's potential to clear out these aggravating toxins. 

Benefits of Perfect Liver Detox Support

·      Improves liver structure and function
·      Reduces liver inflammation
·      Helps eliminate toxins from the body
·      Binds heavy metals for easier removal from the body
·      Normalizes blood sugar levels
·      Improves digestion and digestive disorders
·      Lowers cholesterol protecting heart health
·      Provides antioxidants
·      Reduces blood pressure
·      Stimulates the immune system
·      Improves brain functioning
·      Reduces symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes
·      Promotes healthy skin


Take 2 capsules daily for optimal liver maintenance.
When doing a liver cleanse, dosage can be increased up to 8 capsules daily.
Consumption of extra fiber such as psyllium or flax seeds will assist in removal of liver toxins.

Ingredients Per 2 Capsule Serving:

•   Artichoke leaf extract, 300 mg
•   Milk Thistle, 150 mg
•   Turmeric, 250 mg
•   Schisandra Chinesis Berry, 100 mg
•   Broccoli Sprout Powder, 100 mg
•   Cilantro, 125 mg
•   Chlorella, 200 mg

Clean and Fortifying

All ingredients in Perfect Liver Detox Support have been clinically studied and found to be safe, effective, and potent for use in detoxifying the liver.  This combination of guaranteed clean herbs and super-foods will enable your body to run the way it is designed to leaving you feeling better than ever!