Perfect Bovine Gelatin

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Get 100% Grass- Fed Healthy Gelatin for Your Favorite Recipes!

660g (23.3 oz) ~ 11g scoop per serving ~ About 60 Servings Per Container

Gelatin, not just a yummy dessert, but the glue that holds us together!

Collagen is one of the primary building blocks in the body and the main component of much of our skin and connective tissue like tendons, joints, cartilage, ligaments and more. It is literally in all the stuff that holds us together. ;)

Perfect Bovine Gelatin is a great way to get healthy 100% grass-fed bovine gelatin into yourself and your family. Beef up the protein content of any dish or your favorite treats like gummies, "jello", marshmellos, custards and so much more. Each virtually tasteless 11g scoop adds 10 g of undetectable grass-fed protein to your dishes and desserts!

What are the benefits of taking a good collagen supplement?

As stated above collagen is a primary building block in tissue all over our bodies. It is required for building and repairing bones, skin, muscle, tendons, ligaments, joints, and so much more!

Perfect Bovine Gelatin is 100% grass-fed beef raised on sustainable farms in Brazil. Adding this to your favorite recipes provides a protein rich nutrient boost which may help with:*

Collagen is the primary building block of many structures in the human body. It is necessary for building the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons that hold the body together. Perfect Bovine Gelatin is 100% pure beef collagen providing a nutrient dense protein boost benefitting many functions in the body such as:

  • Inhibiting bone loss
  • Strengthening connective tissue throughout the body
  • Promoting firm, younger looking skin 
  • Maintaining and developing muscle strength 
  • Appetite supression
  • Encouraging a healthy, effective metabolism 
  • Assisting with digestion and overall gut health
  • Decreasing inflammation 
  • Optimizing brain function 
  • Helping with better, more restful sleep

Is there a difference between collagen and gelatin?

The easy answer is yes, but not much. Gelatin is the gelling form of collagen – not all collagen is gelatin. Hydrolyzed collagen has gone through an extra process to break the long chain amino acids down into short chain amino acids, so they don't gel in cold water.

Many people consume bone broth for the collagen in it. It is popular among those on a Paleo Diet, a Keto Diet and anyone following Weston A Price Foundation's Traditional Diet. Perfect Supplements made it easy to get the benefits of collagen without the long drawn out process of making bone broth! Use Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen in smoothies, coffee, hot chocolate, juice, shakes, and so much more! Or try Perfect Bovine Gelatin for any recipes that call for it. And, for soup starters or in recipes that call for broth, use Perfect Bone Broth to boost the nutrient density of your meals.

Both Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen and Perfect Bovine Gelatin grass-fed supplements offer nutrient dense collagen sourced from pasture raised Brazilian cows. Studies show that cows that eat green, growing grass have a far greater nutrient value than those eating grain. It's true for all beef and dairy products including meat, cheese, and collagen.

Why is Perfect Bovine Gelatin better than Knox or Jello?

As stated grass fed collagen is going to have a better nutrient profile than grain fed animals. This is fact backed by a great deal of research. And, below are a whole host of other reasons why Perfect Bovine Gelatin is a great protein supplement.

Is your cheap gelatin:

  • lab tested for purity?
  • free of pesticides and other chemical toxins?
  • a natural, whole food?
  • gluten free?
  • non-GMO?
  • dairy and lactose free?
  • produced with no flow agents?
  • free of fillers and other added ingredients?
  • manufactured by a certified Green America company?
  • a fairly traded product?


One 11 gram scoop (included) of Bovine Gelatin Supplement will gel about 16 oz. of liquid. Allow gelatin to become wet in cold water. Then add required liquid according to recipe and cook. Do not boil the Bovine Gelatin or there is a risk of loosing valuable nutrients. Finally chill it in the refrigerator. If the result is not firm enough, add more gelatin or put it in the freezer for a little while. Enjoy your protein rich gelled delight!


100% Brazilian grass fed beef collagen and nothing else!