NXGEN Grass-Fed Whole Bone Matrix

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Try the most absorbable natural calcium ~ MCHA calcium from grass-fed, Australian cattle.

150 Gelatin Capsules ~ Serving Size: 3 capsules ~ Servings per bottle: 50

Months ago we were very sad to find out that Traditional Foods Market – our supplier for Whole Bone Calcium – discontinued this fantastic natural calcium supplement. We searched for a suitable replacement with no luck, until our favorite Grass-fed Beef Organ company came out with this amazing product recently. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Even stone age people knew better than to eat rocks!

This might sound funny, but many calcium supplements come from rocks. Have you ever considered how hard it is for your body to break down rock to get nutrients from it? Well, it's not easy.

In ancient times, people ate bones to get all the many benefits. NXGEN Whole Bone Matrix contains naturally occurring MCHA (microcrystalline hydroxyapatite) – a readily available form of calcium that is highly absorbable. It comes from 100% grass fed and finished beef from the pristine Lake Eyre Region of Australia. This is an excellent calcium supplement for bone strength, flexibility and growth.

Research shows that ancient peoples rarely experienced certain physical problems like osteoporosis, bad teeth or cavities, or frequent bone breakage. We believe it is in part to their habits of never wasting any part of the animals they ate – bone became their primary source of calcium. These ancient cultures consumed the organs, bones, and connective tissue – anything that wasn't used for something else was eaten. Today, many experts including the Westin A Price Foundation, encourage us to continue to eat "nose to tail" to experience "like for like" health. Research shows that many of the nutrients in organs end up in that same organ when we eat it. For this reason, we believe NXGEN Whole Bone Matrix is very good for boosting and strengthening our bone health.

What makes Whole Bone Matrix better than Bone Meal?

Bone Meal is crushed bones – the size of the particles is not usually taken into consideration. The larger pieces of bone are not easy for our bodies to break down in order to absorb the nutrients. They need to be further broken down by our bodies, and this isn't exactly easy. While bone meal is an excellent source of many nutrients, if our bodies can't easily break it down, our bodies can't easily absorb it.

NXGEN Whole Bone Matrix is from bone that has been processed further – to release the highly absorbable Whole Bone Matrix from the bone. This absorbable MCHA has been shown to help improve bone density and strength. We know the MCHA is great because it delivers it's calcium to the bones – there is no spike in calcium 

What makes NXGEN Whole Bone Matrix the best natural calcium supplement?

Whole Bone Matrix supplies the ideal 2:1 physiological ratio of calcium to phosphorus. It is common knowledge that calcium helps to strengthen bones and teeth, but it also helps regulate muscle function, enzyme activity, and blood clotting among other things. Phosphorous also supports strong bones and teeth, and plays an important roll in the synthesis of proteins needed for cells and tissues to repair themselves, grow and even flourish.

But, NXGEN Whole Bone Matrix offers more than just highly absorbable MCHA calcium and phosphorous. You will also get trace minerals, naturally occurring collagen proteins, and bone-stimulating peptides.

  • Made from only 100% grass fed and finished beef
  • 100% Australian Lake Eyre beef – sought after for being super cleanFree of GMOs, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics
  • Vacuum dried to preserve nutrients
  • No additives of any kind! No fillers or flow agents.

Note about important nutrients to take with a natural calcium supplement.

While calcium is very essential for us, it isn't always properly absorbed in our bodies. Two nutrients are crucial to its proper absorption in our bodies. These are magnesium and Vitamin K2. Calcium and magnesium work together but as opposites in a few places in our bodies. While calcium makes our bones hard, it is magnesium that makes them flexible so they don't break. Calcium helps our muscles flex while magnesium helps our muscles relax. And magnesium is required for calcium to get properly absorbed into the blood. When calcium isn't properly absorbed it can cause calcification in soft tissue like arteries and joints. Unfortunately, over 70% of Americans don't get enough magnesium. We recommends taking a good magnesium supplement if you are taking a calcium supplement. Try Perfect Magnesium.

The other notable nutrient is Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 helps prevent disruption of the calcium pathways. it helps our bodies use the calcium properly once it is absorbed into the blood, making sure it gets to where it is supposed to go in our bodies. This is why it is very important to eat a diet rich in K2 when taking calcium. Spinach, organ meat and grass-fed dairy are good sources of K2. Want to make sure you are getting enough K2? Try NXGEN's 100% Grass-Fed Beef Liver or Walkabout Emu Oil. Both these products are naturally high in vitamin K2 as well as so much more. 

Recommended Use and Dosage for NXGEN Whole Bone Matrix:

Adults: take 3 capsules per day or follow the direction of your favorite health care provider.

The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other agency.