NXGEN Grass Fed Organic Beef Spleen

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Improve your spleen health for blood building and deep rooted immune building – try NXGEN 100% Grass Fed Organic Beef Spleen

160 Capsules (500mg) ~ 4 Capsules per Serving ~ 40 Serving per Bottle

Spleen – multifunctional and nutrient dense – is a wicked beneficial grass-fed organ supplement!

Do you know that the spleen plays not just one or two, but three major functions in our bodies? Spleens are responsible for:

1. Our spleens help clean our blood. As blood flows through it, the spleen removes and breaks down old, damaged or misshapen red blood cells.
2. Our spleens also hold a reserve of blood for emergencies when a rush of blood may be needed due to blood loss.
3. Our spleens play some important roles in our immune system, including providing white blood cells to help fight infection. More on this below.

Most healthy human and animal spleens contain similar nutrients. NXGEN sources healthy spleens from 100% Australian Grass Fed Organic Beef. They never heat process, only freeze dry to preserve all the beneficial nutrients – as close to raw as possible!

Healthy spleens are loaded with protein, healthy fats and heme iron. Heme iron, a highly bioavailable form of iron, gets right into the blood stream connected to hemoglobin proteins. Other beneficial nutrients found in beef spleen include immune boosting lipids, organ specific protein peptides, vitamins and minerals.

Some of the nutrients found naturally occurring in significant amounts in Grass-Fed Organic Beef Spleen:

  • 5x more highly bioavailable heme iron than liver
  • Spleen is a good animal source of Vitamin C, which is usually only found in plants
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Protein
  • Healthy Fats containing beneficial Omega Fatty Acids

How does the Spleen work to boost our immune system?

Firstly, spleens produce and contain lymphocytes, specialized white blood cells. Like other white blood cells, lymphocytes help fight infections. As our spleens are filtering blood, if they detect bacteria, viruses or germs, they start producing lymphocytes to help our bodies fight the infection.


Furthermore, unique amino acids are produced in the spleen, like tuftsin and splenopentin. These two smallish amino acid chains and others work to boost our immune system. Interestingly, a deficiency in tuftsin is linked to certain types of infections.


Splenin, another peptide found in Spleen and Grass-Fed Spleen extracts, has been studied as far back as the 1930s. Experts found that splenin boosts white blood cell counts which we know plays a big role in a healthy immune system.


And there's still more! Most spleens, human and animal, contain high levels of a very beneficial class of lipids called alkylglycerols (AKGs). AKGs stimulate and help strengthen the immune system.


Whew! That's a lot of immune boosting potential! And a good reason to take spleen if you need really deep immune boosting power.


Why is it so important to eat organ meat?

The Westin A Price Foundation recommends eating at least 7 oz of healthy organ meat every week. All organ meat is extremely nutrient dense and contain organ specific nutrients. Our bodies recognize these nutrients and sends them to those organs in us, effectively boosting the health and functionality of the organ. So, eating spleen boosts our spleen, eating heart boosts our heart, eating bone boosts our bones ect.

This theory was demonstrated by research performed at the University of Scotland in Edinburgh. They used radioscopic labeling and consistently saw high concentrations of the specific organ eaten in the corresponding organ. Multiple studies were performed with similar results.

Are there traditional uses for beef spleen?

Since back in ancient times, organ meat has been used for medicinal purposes. Not surprisingly, spleen has been traditionally used for both immune boosting and blood building

The use of organ meat for medicinal purposes goes back to ancient times. The two biggies for spleen are immune boosting and blood building, but there are others. Some of the traditional uses for spleen include:*

  • Blood building and blood concerns like anemia and lymphocytosis
  • Immune boosting
  • For certain allergic reactions like hives, cold sores and canker sores
  • Lymph node swelling
  • Digestive issues
  • Boils

Reasons we love NXGEN Wholefoods 100% Beef Spleen

NXGEN Wholefoods is such a conscientious company. The Grass Fed Organic Organ supplements they produce are top notch. The cattle graze on organic grass in the pristine region of Lake Eyre in Australia. They are grass-fed and finished. The organs are freeze dried to preserve the nutrients and they never add potenetially toxic fillers or flow agents.

Directions and Suggested Use for Taking 100% Grass Fed Organic Beef Spleen

NXGEN Wholefoods recommends taking 4 capsules a day to support spleen health.

The Westin A Price Foundation recommends weekly eating 7oz of organ meat. This is roughly 3000mg every day of freeze dried organ meat powder. Unfortunately, 4 capsules is only 2000mg. This is why we recommend taking another two capsules of Spleen or any other NXGEN Organ Supplement.


* This product write up has not been evaluated by the FDA or any government agency and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure anything.