Flavored Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen

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Try Flavored Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen 100% Grass-fed Protein Powder

Chocolate Collagen ~ 14 OZ (396g) ~ 13.2g scoop ~ roughly 30 servings per bottle

Elderberry ~ 12.7 OZ (460g) ~ 12g scoop ~ roughly 30  servings per bottle

For plain, unflavored Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen, click here.

Now get 100% Grass-fed Collagen in an easy flavorful drink!

Perfect Supplements 100% grass-fed Hydrolyzed Collagen isn't new, but coming in two tasty flavors is – chocolate and elderberry. In keeping with the Perfect Supplements philosophy, there is no sugar, so no extra carbs. Only Organic ingredients flavor and sweeten this amazing flavored protein powder supplement.

What is Flavored Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen?

Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen is a great protein powder sourced from 100% grass-fed Brazilian cattle. This super clean collagen supplement has zero fat and only 1g of carbs per serving. Types I and III collagen are loaded with amino acids, which are the building blocks of every cell. Amino acids are required for a number of actions in the body, but most notably building and repairing muscle, formation of antibodies and the transportation of oxygen around the body.

For many people following a low carb, high protein diet like Paleo or Keto, it is difficult to eat enough protein. Flavored Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen makes it easy to get 10 g of protein in a tasty drink. People following the Westin A Price Foundation Traditional diet will like that it is super clean. Only USDA organic cacao, elderberry and monk fruit have been added to flavor and sweeten it. Perfect Supplements prides themselves on having nutrient dense supplements with no fillers or flow agents.

Are there health benefits to taking an all natural, grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen supplement?

Collagen is simply the most abundant source of protein in the human body. But, it has loads of other benefits, too! Many people experience the following when taking a great grass-fed collagen supplementt*                                   

  • Less joint pain
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Aids in digestive health
  • Healthier, firmer, and younger looking skin
  • Strong fingernails and healthier hair
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Appetite suppression and weight loss
  • Amino acids help build and repair muscle
  • Great for brain health
  • Helps with better sleep
  • Improved overall health and wellness

While all these nutrients and benefits may also be gleaned from bone broth, it doesn't taste as good as this. Flavored Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen makes it super easy to get protein into our diet.

Why is Flavored Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen an awesome natural collagen supplement?

Perfect Supplements is one of those companies that states as part of their mission that they will never add fillers or flow agents or any junk to their supplements. And their ingredients are always fairly sourced. We love that the flavors and sweetener are USDA organic – Cacao, Elderberry and Monk Fruit. it doesn't get any cleaner than that! 

  • Contains Type I and Type III Collagen
  • 11g of collagen and 10 g of protein
  • Mixes easily in hot liquids, shake for cold ones
  • Premium Organic ingredients
  • Delicious taste
  • No GMO sugars – organic Monk Fruit adds the perfect sweetness!
  • High bioavailability & Easy absorption 
  • Sourced from 100% pasture raised Brazilian cattle
  • Pesticide Free – no chemicals
  • Hormone Free
  • Non-GMO
  • No contaminants
  • Lactose and dairy free
  • Tested for purity 

Suggested Use: Ways to enjoy Flavored Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen 

Combine 1 scoop into a little hot water to dissolve, then add to any cold drink. Or, add it straight to a smoothie with frozen fruit and milk or juice of choice. Or add it to a shaker with water, juice, or any kind of milk. I enjoy 1 or two scoops a day, but don't just take my advice – seek the advice of your favorite health care provider.


*The statements in this product description and have not been reviewed by the FDA or any government agency. it is not intended to treat or diagnose any sickness or illness.