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Prescript Assist Probiotics


Product Description

Prescript Assist Soil-Based Probiotics

620mg Blend of 29 probiotic strains per a 1-capsule serving; 60 or 90 capsules per bottle

Prescript Assist contains a proprietary blend of microorganisms designed to support gut health.  This unique blend of soil-based microflora can help alleviate digestive problems, support gut health, and the immune system.  Probiotics are beneficial organisms that naturally reside in the digestive tract, but they can easily become depleted by sickness, dietary choices, stress, and more.  Prescript Assist can help with the replenish of these necessary bacteria.

Benefits of Prescript Assist Probiotics:

An imbalance in the healthy bacteria found in your gut may cause distress.  Prescript-Assist and its 29 strains of soil based probiotics:

  • May assist with relieving digestive distress such as bloating, gas, nausea, indigestion, and abdominal discomfort
  • Can help restore beneficial microflora in the gut
  • Can promote normal, regular bowel movements
  • May help maintain a healthy digestive system

Prescript Assist Soil Based Probiotics:

  • Supported by sound science
  • 29 strains of beneficial bacteria
  • 65 million soil-based microorganisms per capsule
  • Contains no gluten, dairy, soy, or yeast

Prescript Assist Recommended Use:

Dosage: For the first month, take 2 capsules daily, with or without food, to help restore balance in the gut. After the first 30 days, continue to take 1-2 capsules Prescript Assist per day to aid in maintaining good levels of beneficial bacteria.

Storage: No refrigeration required; this probiotic blend remains 95% active at two years after manufacture date without refrigeration.


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